The Bainbridge Development Corporation (BDC) was created by the Maryland General Assembly via H.B. 1152 in 1999 to plan, initiate and oversee the activities necessary to convert the approximately 1,200 acre site (formerly the U.S. Bainbridge Naval Training Center) into re-use opportunities which would maximize the economic contribution from the re-development. The Board of Directors is comprised of 9 voting and 6 non-voting (ex-officio) members including representation from the Town of Port Deposit, Cecil County Council, State of Maryland, Economic Development Organizations, and citizens in Cecil County.



Create a community and work environment that is reflective of the highest design while maintaining the physical environment standards which are consistent with local policies and regulations.



  • Plan for development that is flexible and adaptable to changing market demands over time

  • Maintain strong compatibility and reconnect the site with the Town of Port Deposit

  • Recognize the importance of preservation criteria, issues and influences on the area

  • Maximize the resources of the Federal, State and Local Governments

  • Remain a good neighbor to the surrounding community

  • Ensure the community is environmentally sound

  • Ensure the community is economically viable and self-sustaining

  • Create a tax base that contributes positively to those public services required by the community

  • Create meaningful career oriented employment.

Board of Directors

Carl Roberts, Ed.D (Chair)

Jim Reynolds (Vice Chair)

Chick Hamm (Treasurer)

Steve Cassard (Secretary)

Mario Gangemi, P.E. 

Matt Roath

David Rudolph, Ed. D

Jim Reynolds

Joseph Brant

Martha Barchowsky

Sandra Edwards, Cecil County Dir. Econ. Dev.


Jane Roger, DGS

Tom Sadowski, MEDCO

Elizabeth Hughes, MHT

Bob Kuhs, Mayor Port Deposit

Danielle Hornberger, Cecil County Executive

Executive Director

Toni Sprenkle, EDFP

Executive Assistant

Jenifer Peterson